5 Tips for Picking a Travelmate

When I’m not traveling on my own, I enjoy going on trips with my friends (and sometimes strangers). Although, some more than others.

Friends who travel on their own are usually the best people to go on a trip with. Trips with inexperienced adventurers can feel like a haul as I hand-hold them through everyday activities.

Conversely, I’m not the travel partner who would ever challenge another to “keep up with me.” My more fitness-focused friends will often leave me sleeping-in while they hike a mountain to see the sunrise from its zenith.

Here are some tips I’ve honed when it comes to picking a travel companion.

1. Someone Your Age

Similiar age usually means similar habits, such as going to bed early vs. late. Most of my trip friends are within five years of me.

2. Someone With the Similar Bathroom Habits

Since I’m sharing a bathroom and sometimes a bed with my friends, I prefer to board with someone who is just as tidy and clean. When I travel with my male friends, I end up doing a lot of picking up and asking, “Can I throw this out?”

Similarly, I like when my fellow traveler takes the same or less time in the bathroom. I’ve left friends in hotel rooms who take 90 minutes to put on their face and do their hair.

3. Someone on the Same Budget

It’s important to communicate during the travel planning process. Talk and budget your trip together to make sure both of you are on the same page financially.

4. Matching Traveling Personality

Trekking through a rain forest, laying out on a beach, and ice fishing… each person has a different idea of a perfect vacation. Talk about your must-do’s while you are making travel plans, such as:

  • Adventures involving physical activities like hiking and water sports.
  • Intellectual sightseeing like museums and historical locations.
  • Trying traditional food and having local experiences.
  • Going to clubs late into the night or waking up early to watch the sunrise.

You’ll also want to discuss how much you want to do in a day. Some travelers like to see as much as they can in one location. I prefer a more leisurely trip with lots of people watching and mingling.

5. Someone Who Actually Enjoys Traveling

This may seem like a no-brainer, but some people just suck at being on vacation. These are the people who never get off their phone, don’t want to try new food (and will only eat fast food), won’t leave the hotel room, or are just generally afraid about doing anything alone.

If you can’t get out of your bubble, then stay home.

Find a Travel Buddy

While friends and families are obvious choices for travel partners, there are also many apps and sites that link wanderlusts. Some of these companies also focus on dating, so you can get to know a new love interest in an exotic place.

Try the following sites for travel companions:

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