About TravelWriteHer.com

Traveling abroad is an enriching, never-satisfying, wondrous experience. Every citizen should experience other cultures, learn new languages, and see world wonders at some point in their life. Gap years are no longer just for the 20-somethings. 

TravelWriteHer.com documents my travels around the globe as a solo female traveler through journalistic accounts. While trying to avoid being the American tourist stereotype, my mission is to liberate would-be wanderlusts. 

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About the Editor, Writer & Wanderer

Rome Grant Photography

I am a full-time freelance editor for an internet company based out of Miami. Since my job allows me to work remotely, anywhere with Wi-Fi, I’m taking the opportunity to travel and document my traveling experiences, both domestically and abroad.

My voyages are a hybrid between backpacking and economy class. After checking into a 15-bed room at a London hostel on my 30th birthday, I’ve vowed to pay a little more to account for my aging creature comforts.

Rome Grant Photography

Prior to my professional career as a writer and an editor, my blog has been my avenue for short stories. I also co-wrote the comedy short ‘Women Talking Themselves Out of Sex‘ (2015). My first airplane ride was at 20 days old and my first passport was issued at four years of age. My travels have included North and Central America, Europe, and the Middle East.