How to Use Keywords Naturally

Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed how content is selected for viewers. If you are reading this, then you already know how valuable it is to implement these SEO keyword phrases into website content in order for internet users to find your website and products or services.

Although keywords are crucial, the top performers are often awkward and grammatically incorrect. Trying to implement these keywords multiple times in a page naturally can prove difficult, especially in the places where SEO keywords should be placed like in headers and the beginning of the sentence and paragraph.

Keyword phrases can be simple like, “used cars” or complicated such as, “how to buy used cars” and “apply for car loan.” Keywords may be a question, a noun, a verb, or a seeming randomly strung phrase such as, “good cars used 2018.” Below are some tricks to improve the flow of content with awkward keyword phrases.

Simple Product and Service Keywords


  • small business license
  • used cars

[keyword phrase] is/are

  • [Used cars] are great options for new drivers.

When [verb] for (a) [keyword phrase]

  • When applying for a [small business license], you should be prepared to pay a fee.

[audience] [modal verb] [verb] [keyword phrase]

  • [Petitioners] [can] [submit] a [small business license] application to the office along with the require fee.

[keyword phrase] [verb] [audience] to

  • [Used cars] [require] [you] to consider past owners and the history of the vehicle.

Action Keywords


  • purchasing a car
  • apply for welfare

The [noun] of [keyword phrase] – Good for keywords with verbs ending with -ing

  • The [process] of [purchasing a car] can seem overwhelming to a new owner.

To [keyword phrase] (or) in order to [keyword phrase]

  • To [apply for welfare] in this state, applicants need to submit an application.

[keyword phrase] [adverb] by

  • [Apply for welfare] [successfully] by calling the state office.

Question Keywords Phrases

  1. Learn/Discover/Find out/Determine [how to / what are…]
    • Also, add “to” before learn, discover or find out
  2. These factors make up [what are the …]
  3. Here is [how to…]
  4. When looking into [how to…]
  5. If you are wondering [how to…]
  6. The state selects [who is…]

Modified SEO Keywords

Search engines like Google and Bing can pick up on modified versions of keyword phrases. Adding a word or two in the first keyword usage can prove just as fruitful as using the SEO term verbatim without sounding like a robot. For instance, “apply for car loan” can be altered to “apply for a car loan” or “”apply for car loans.”

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