“Home Isn’t a Place, It’s a Feeling.”

Just travel and write. Simple words & a motto to live by.

My name is Felicia, and I’m a freelance content writer and editor. I’m fortunate enough to work wherever there is Wi-Fi, and I’ve used this newfound freedom to travel abroad and domestically.

Travel Write Her documents my trips around the globe as a solo female traveler. Yes, I do hear “Bye Felicia” all the time… because I’m always going somewhere!

Start Feeling More Confident

Travel is an enriching and wondrous experience. Checking out new cultures, trying local dishes, and viewing some of the world’s wonders are just a few of the rewards. No wonder the wanderlust lifestyle is trending!

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Vacations make for great Instagram photos, but the self-discovery that occurs when you experience new cultures is life-changing. I took my first solo trip when I was 29. After spending two weeks alone in a foreign country, everything back home felt small and conquerable in comparison.

Imagine how I felt after traveling alone for three months.

My mission is to empower all people to travel, get out of their comfort zone, and live an inspired life. I want to inspire other women to explore, even if that means traveling solo.

Take Control of Your Time

Having a career with the flexibility to travel is ideal for many wanderlusts. But, how do real people — not influencers sponsored by brands and trust funds — afford to travel? And how do remote workers and freelancers get paid while taking trips to exotic countries?

Writing is just one of the many opportunities that adventurers can do to earn an income while on the road. Common remote and freelance jobs are those that workers can complete on a computer.

Employees and entrepreneurs alike are taking advantage of remote work and stay-at-home jobs by living around the world. Long-term travel is no longer just for the 20-somethings. 

Part of taking control of my life was relocating closer to family in Knoxville, Tennessee. In addition to having more affordable housing costs, find out how moving inland improved my life.